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by Small Green Dragon

The Artist Takes a Break, and a Nik Computer software Critique
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Image by Stuck in Customs
In Buenos Aires, there is a very artsy area known as La Boca. It is filled with tiny small studios, restaurants, tango in the streets, and all sorts of life. The colours are brilliant and vibrant, so, of course, I went crazy with my camera there. While exploring, I identified this cool artist’s studio on the second floor of an interior section. I had on my 24-70mm, and I was admiring her studio at f2.four. Then, by luck, she came to the window to peer out. I grabbed a swift 1.

This was edited with Nik Software package, so I took this opportunity to write a Nik Review for y’all! It really is really cool software, and I have put a bunch of new images inside of there… A lot of of them are &quotin progress&quot, and might not display up in their last kind on the weblog for a handful of weeks.

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